Why is UNO doing a strategic enrollment effort?

In short, we believe that approaching student enrollment and retention goals in a strategic and intentional way will help us reach our institution's goals of enrolling and retaining 20,000 students by 2020. Historically, many faculty and staff have done great work in helping to attract and support our students at UNO. The current Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) planning process is intended to strengthen this shared work by making more intentional and systematic our approach to student recruitment and retention. From these collective efforts, it is intended that a community of practice form that will ensure a campus-wide effort to focus curricular and co-curricular resources on our institution's identified enrollment and retention goals.

Why are we doing this now?

It's time. UNO is a premier metropolitan university and it is a great time to think strategically about our entire enrollment in order to make a bigger impact on our community. It is vital that we approach our enrollment goals with a process that is vibrant, transparent, and participatory. In our rapidly-changing and increasingly-diverse world, there is a greater need than ever for higher education and a great opportunity for UNO to be the hub of improving people's lives throughout the region.

Why should all of us at UNO participate?

Thinking and acting strategically about enrollment is a process from which everybody at UNO can benefit. The more successful our students are during and after their time at UNO, the more successful we will all be. SEM is a process for building higher from the strong foundation which has been established here. This is a great opportunity for every UNO faculty and staff member to combine the best parts of our work in creative ways that better support our students.