About Strategic Enrollment Management

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is holistic data driven approach to shaping institutional enrollment goals. SEM seeks an optimal mix of students with a predetermined likelihood for success based on institutional academic and co-curricular offerings. At UNO, we use a collaborative approach to ensure campus-wide services, academic programs, and student services are aligned with our institution's enrollment goals.

About Strategic Enrollment Management at UNO - A message from Chancellor Christensen

Serving students is at the heart of all we are, do and aspire to as an institution. Serving them well, from their first inquiries as prospective students, all the way through to graduation, is central to the University of Nebraska, Omaha's (UNO) mission and a primary focus of all campus activities. During the state of the university address, I announced our intent to reach an enrollment target of 20,000 students by 2020 – a goal that I believe is both attainable, and vital to our continued development as a premier metropolitan university.

To achieve this goal, we must approach the critical phases of recruitment, enrollment and retention with a cohesive and comprehensive UNO Strategic Enrollment Management Plan. To guide our efforts, I am announcing the creation of an Enrollment Management Executive Committee, chaired by Dr. Pelema I. Morrice, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services. This committee will report directly to the Chancellor's office. I am also announcing the appointment of the consulting firm of Noel-Levitz to help in the development of UNO's Strategic Enrollment Management Plan. Noel-Levitz is highly regarded as the nation's top enrollment management firm with a proven track record of success, helping institutions such as: University of Colorado, Boulder, the University of Massachusetts, and Temple University, achieve their student enrollment goals.

Periodic campus forums dedicated to enrollment management will be scheduled to update the campus community and a campus-wide task force will be created to seek ideas, opinions and participation. I invite you to participate in these meetings as I truly believe everyone on campus plays an important role in student recruitment, retention and the overall student experience at UNO. Our success in this process depends on total campus involvement and commitment, and I look forward to your thoughts and assistance.

John Christensen
  • Dr. John Christensen
  • Chancellor

Timeline - A list of the events and tasks that the UNO community and the Enrollment Management Executive Committee have done and will do for this effort

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Strategic Enrollment Forum, October 9 2012