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Strategy 1.0

Plan and develop a conveniently located 'one-stop shop' and co-located services to provide accessible and seamless services to students; i.e., advising and support (incorporating faculty, staff, peers, and alumni).

Strategy Leaders:

  • Dr. Paul Barnes (faculty/admin)
  • Dr. Lynn Harland (College of Business)
  • Jessica Wolff (Director of UNO Academic/Career Advising Center)
  • Cathy Pettid (Director of UNO Counseling Services)
  • Lindsey Stineman (Director of Student Athlete Success)
  • Heather Doering (Graduate Student)

Strategy 2.0

Develop and identify approaches to address financial issues that impede student success and retention. This should include a strategic partnership with the foundation and others, financial literacy, management of resources, and efforts to secure additional resources.

Strategy Leaders:

  • Ms Mary Lynn Reiser (College of Business)
  • Marcia Adler (Director of Health Services)
  • Connie Sorensen-Birk (Advisor/Project Achieve)
  • Jerilyn Kamm (Instructor in the School of Communication)
  • Joe Kaminski (Senior Director for Wellness)
  • Megan Essay (Director of New Student Orientation)

Strategy 3.0

Develop a mentorship, intentional advising strategy with early-alert for selected ethnic and/or minority populations. The initial focus of this strategy is expected to be on African-American students.

Strategy Leaders:

  • James Freeman (Sr. Director of Inclusion)
  • Mel Clancy (Director of Project Achieve)
  • Paul Bryant (Academic/Career Advising)
  • Heather Doering (Graduate Student)
  • Craig Adler (EM/DSA Business Intelligence)

Strategy 4.0

Implement a pre-enrollment early-alert to provide for the identification of retention risks in the first weeks of their first term (who could benefit from institutional intervention) and expand the post-enrollment early-alert to help identify students who are already demonstrating behaviors associated with academic, social, and/or personal problems.

Strategy Leaders:

  • Dr. Russ Smith (IE)
  • Dr. Peter Smith (COE)
  • Dr. Rita Henry (DSA)
  • Bret Blackman (IT)
  • Becky Schnabel (COE/Advising)
  • Bill Pickett (DSA/Student Involvement)

Strategy 5.0

Develop a detailed approach to encourage and incent additional faculty participation in the development and implementation of student success programming initiatives.


Strategy Leaders:

  • Dr. Peter Smith (COE)
  • Dan Gilbert (OASA)
  • Holly Miller (CFAM)
  • Lanyce Keel (IT)