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Strategic Goals for Recruitment: These are still in draft form

  • (a) Draft Strategic Goal - Communication - UNO needs to communicate what we do best to increase stakeholders' understanding of UNO's value
  • (b) Draft Strategic Goal - Business Practices - UNO needs to improve its business practices to easily access and navigate UNO
  • (c) Draft Strategic Goal - Conversations Matter - UNO needs to encourage equip the entire UNO family to adopt the idea recruiting is everyone's responsibilty
  • (d) Draft Strategic Goal - Student Demographics - UNO needs to better align its recruitment practices with future demographic trends

Recruitment Action Team Members

Communication Business Practices Conversations Matter Student Demographics
Deb Smith-Howell (L) Melissa Berke (L) Ilze Zigurs (L) Lynn Harland (L)
Erin Owen (L) Matt Schill (L) Chris Liewer (L) Pelema Morrice (L
Nancy Edick David Conway Lucy Garza Gina Toman
Carla Frakes Merry Ellen Turner Kathleen Bittner Mike Wieneke
Amy Rodie Penny Harmoney Naomi Pitsch Karen Rolf
Lee Denker Kathy Pfieffer Lisa Paskewitz Randy Adkins
Chris Allen Randy Sell Kristin Zimmerman Malisa Lee
Lamarr Womble Andy Jacobsen Hesham Ali Leena Brice
Josh White Lex Kaczmarek Lanyce Keel Scott Vlasek
Meagan Van Gelder Lyndsey Rice Mike Brazeale Ken Kriz
Rosemary Strasser Bret Blackman Peter Smith Craig Adler

L= Co-Leaders

Please Get Involved, your ideas are important to this effort.