Want to become involved?

Everyone at UNO is invited to participate in this process - we'd love to have your help. There are two specific ways you can get involved:

The fastest way to get involved is to submit an idea to the enrollment management committee. To be clear this is not a 'complaint box' this is an 'idea box' You could start by reacting to questions like:

  • What can UNO do to better communicate the story of our value to the Omaha community?
  • How could current business practices be modified/streamlined in order to provide easier and more efficient access to services at UNO?
  • How can UNO equip/reward additional faculty and staff to take an active role in recruitment and retention of students?
  • What can UNO do to assist students who are struggling academically, financially, and/or personally?

Here are some samples that people have thrown out there...Your idea will be heard, and reacted to.

Past Idea:

"Dual Admission Program - a way for students who apply to UNO and for whatever reason go to Metro, they will have a guaranteed slot waiting for them when they can come"

EMEC Response:

This is a great idea and worth pursuing with Metro, it could help increase completion rates at both campuses.

Past Idea:

"Personalized service during admissions, maybe the Chancellor hand delivers some of the acceptance letters."

EMEC Response:

We could build a sweepstakes winner type marketing campaign around this kind of idea; or we could have current students make some of these deliveries too. Of course there are lots of logistics and privacy issues to work through, but if we can manage those, this might be doable.

Other ways to become involved

Another way to get involved is to actively join the SEM Process. You can come to an enrollment management committee meeting and or join the recruitment and retention networks.

Please contact Pelema Morrice, Dan Shipp or Lisa Paskewitz for more information.