Some Frequently Asked Questions about Strategic Enrollment Management at UNO

What is Strategic Enrollment Management?

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is holistic data driven approach to reaching institutional enrollment goals. At UNO we are seeking an optimal mix of students with a likelihood for success based on institutional academic and co-curricular offerings. We use a collaborative approach to ensure campus-wide services, academic programs, and student services are aligned with our institution's enrollment goals. Please visit the what page to learn more about SEM and our approach at UNO.

How are we going to grow to our enrollment?

We are going to get there through a variety of efforts that we all can support. We are making intentional, strategic efforts to recruit and retain more students who have a better likelihood for success. Across the campus, faculty, staff and students are working to make every aspect of the UNO experience better for all of our stakeholders. The recruitment network and retention network are working coalitions of UNO stakeholders developing specific action plans to make UNO's growth valuable for us all.

How can faculty contribute to the SEM process?

Strengthening relationships with students is one critical way to increasing student retention. All of us can start with specific steps, like sending personal emails for students to meet during office hours, starting class with highlighting a student success story, or asking students to connect their courses with one another. Please visit the how page of this site for other specific ideas.

How can staff contribute to SEM?

Staff interact with students in a wide variety of contexts that help students feel more connected with the institution as a whole. A specific thing that many staff already do is genuinely ask students about their experiences at UNO. Another thing staff are in great position to do is to work across departments to identify places where UNO can improve its work practices. There are many places where the institution could function better, staff are in a great position to make recommendations about improving those processes. Please visit the how page of this site for more specific ideas.

How can current students contribute to SEM?

Everyone at UNO is here because of students. Most importantly, students can reach out to one another and strengthen their personal and academic connections. Students can also connect with future UNO students in more informal and personal ways than the institution. Please visit the how page of this site for more specific ideas.

Why should faculty, staff, and students participate? Isn't this the administration's job?

As the public university in Omaha, UNO has a great opportunity to make an impact on our entire metropolitan area. We are a community of staff, faculty, students, and Omahans, and growing our institution is a community-wide effort. Our region and our world are changing and becoming more complex at an ever-increasing pace and more people will need more skills to navigate these changes with success. UNO is the institution that can make a big difference in many lives, we can reach that goal only by working together.